best UVB bubls for bearded dragons

Top 3 UVB Bulbs for Bearded Dragons That Help Prevent MBD & Illnesses

Setting up the correct lighting in a bearded dragon tank can be quite the confusing predicament, especially when it comes to new owners!From a basking bulb, to understanding the difference between both

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Best Live Food to Feed Bearded Dragons

9 Best Live Food to Feed Bearded Dragons to Promote Optimal Health

Live food plays a prevalent role throughout a bearded dragons life, but even especially so during their juvenile and adolescent years. Many bearded dragon owners will typically choose the kind of insects

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How to Bond With Your Bearded Dragon

Best Friends ‘til the End: How to Bond with Your Bearded Dragon

If you’re anything like most pet owners… then chances are you want your bearded dragon to like (read: absolutely adore) you. And while this desire is perfectly normal, it is probably healthy to remember

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Best Basking Bulbs for Bearded Dragons

Top 3 Best Basking Bulbs for a Bearded Dragon According to Experts

Unlike cats, dogs, and other pets, bearded dragons need heat and light to help them not only regulate their day to night cycles, and also their digestion. Naturally, the best (and only!) way to give your

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How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get

How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get? A New Owner Must Read!

Unlike cats and dogs, it can often times be a little tricky to estimate how large a baby bearded dragon will grow to be simply because first time owners likely don’t have the experience around full-grown

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best bearded dragon cages

Top 3 Best Bearded Dragon Cages that Your Beardie Will Love to Call Home

Whether your bearded dragon is itty-bitty or a total Goliath, one thing is for sure… they need the proper cage to ensure they’re not only happy but healthy too!  We’ve discussed everything from

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How Much Does Bearded Dragon Health Insurance Cost

Definitive Guide to Bearded Dragon Health Insurance: From Price, Policy, Alternatives, & More

So, you’ve just brought home your new scaly friend or perhaps you’ve recently been charged a small fortune for a preexisting pet’s medical expenses? Either way, you’re obviously curious about looking

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how to sex your bearded dragon

How to Sex Your Bearded Dragon Instantly and Accurately!

Whether you’ve recently adopted a new bearded dragon or experienced the birth of a group of hatchlings, one thing is for sure, you’re probably at least a little curious about figuring out the gender(s)

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Bearded dragon brumation

Bearded Dragon Brumation: Here’s What All Owners Should Know…

From a very young age, we’re taught in school about seasonal patterns in the world of plants and animals alike. From the mating and flowering season of Springtime to the hibernation period of Winter,

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How to get a bearded dragon to eat

How to Get a Bearded Dragon to Eat: 4 Proven Strategies for Success

It isn’t uncommon for a bearded dragon to develop picky eating habits and essentially shun their fruits and veggies, especially if they’re young and you’ve recently transitioned them to a less protein

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