Best Leopard Gecko Names (+ Ideas & Suggestions for Inspiration)

Leopard gecko names play a significant part in the fun of keeping these animals. The name of your leopard gecko should reflect their character or appearance.

Choosing a name can be challenging, so we’ve made a list of leopard gecko names to help you.

We’ve listed some of our favorite leopard gecko names, along with their meanings and origins.

Cute Leopard Gecko Names

Your pet gecko deserves a cute name too. Why not try one of the following unisex leopard gecko names?

These cute leopard gecko names are suitable for both male and female geckos.

1. Pal Originally a dog name, why not for a gecko too? It’s easy to remember, and you’re more likely to use it than something fancy.
2. Puff Puff is a cute option for a gecko with a temper, or a chubby one. These animals tend to puff up when they get angry!
3. Dotty Dotty was originally a nickname for the name Dorothy, which means “Gift of God”. It’s an ideal name for a treasured gecko with a spotted pattern.
4. Feisty For the gecko with a go-get-it attitude, or a calm one if you’re going for irony.
5. Cookie Many people like naming geckos and other lizards after food. Cookie is a perfect name for a gecko with a mottled pattern.
6. Chunky If you have a chubby gecko, then Chunky is a wonderful name. After all, your gecko won’t mind if you compare it to cottage cheese.
7. Beauty For a gecko with undeniably good looks, Beauty is an awesome name.
8. Bubbles Bubbles is a cute and popular leopard gecko name. It comes from their bumpy skin which feels as though it has a series of bubbles on its surface.
Closeup of the bubbles on a leopard gecko's skin
The name Bubbles comes from the strange bubble-like bumps on a gecko’s skin.

Pro Tip: When naming your baby leopard gecko, remember that it will grow up. Try to choose a name that it won’t outgrow.

Want some extra cuteness in your life? Check out delightful photos of leopard gecko smiles that guarantee to brighten up your day!

Cool Leopard Gecko Names

The best leopard geckos have an overflow of awesomeness. These cool leopard gecko names are for those kings and queens.

Cool Leopard Gecko Names
If your leopard gecko is the king of cool, it needs a name to match.

Here are our favorite names for the cool kids:

9. Rex Short for Tyrannosaurus Rex, this is an ironic name, to say the least. However, if you’re looking for a cool name, it’s way up there.
10. Axel If you like biker names, Axel is a pretty cool name for a leopard gecko. That’s especially true if your gecko has speed.
11. Xena You could always name your gecko after the warrior princess. An excellent, and awesome, name for a feisty female.
12. Beast

Beast is a name we usually see in relation to strapping lads bristling with muscle. It also works well for a grumpy, or bulky, leopard gecko.

You can also pair up two geckos and call them Beauty and the Beast?

13. Snow

Whether you’re thinking Game of Thrones, or just cool patterns, Snow is an awesome name.

14. Godzilla

Another ironic name, but one with character. If you have a large leo or one with an attitude, consider naming it after this bad boy.

Funny Leopard Gecko Names

Funny leopard gecko names name may suit some geckos best of all:

15. Tiny For that truly gigantic gecko, what better name than tiny?
16. Giant If you have a small gecko, then giant is the perfect funny name.
17. Titan A titan is an exceedingly powerful Greek god. If you want an ironic name for your plump, and somewhat helpless, gecko then Titan is it.
18. Kermit

While the original Kermit is a frog, that glum leopard gecko smile looks just like him.

We can only guess that the creators added a fun twist to the traditional Ri-bitt to get this name.

19. Raptor

The word raptor is middle English, and comes from the Latin word ‘rapere.’

The name roughly translates to ‘plunderer.’ If you’ve been involved with feeding a leopard gecko, you know this name is apt.

Female Leopard Gecko Names

Your female pet deserves a name that’s worthy of her. Here are some suggestions:

20. Lady For those dainty females, Lady is a name worth mentioning. Of course, you can also buy a male and name him Tramp.
21. Lucy Lucy is an ideal name for a quiet female with heroine potential. The name means ‘of light’.
22. Bella Bella, from the Italian meaning ‘beautiful’ is a lovely name for your beautiful lady.
23. Misty If you have a leo with a mist-like pattern, this name is perfect.
24. Tinkerbelle If your female gecko has that indescribable fairy quality, why not Tinkerbelle?

Male Leopard Gecko Names

We’ve made a list of our favorite male leopard gecko names.

25. Boy While this name is self-explanatory, stating the obvious has a sort of ironic appeal.
26. Jon

Yet another Game of Thrones throw-back that’s perfect for a blizzard or snow morph.

It’s a nickname for Jonathan or a variant of John, which means ‘God is Gracious’.

27. Guy

There’s no manlier name than Guy. Give your lizard the gift of identity. The name is of Hebrew descent, and means “Gentile”.

28. Ozzy

Ozzy is an awesome name that means ‘Spear of the gods’ in German. Perfect for that manly lizard with power to spare.

29. Robert

Robert is an old German name, meaning ‘Bright Fame’. Perfect for a gecko who loves to be in the spotlight.

30. Archie

Archie, short for Archibald, is a German name meaning ‘truly brave’. If your male gecko is fearless, you now have a name for him.

31. Anthony

This name is of Roman origin, and means ‘truly praiseworthy’. An epic name for the best gecko you’ve ever had.

Silly Leopard Gecko Names

Everyone needs a little silly in their lives, even if it’s just a name.

Leopard Gecko licking its nose
Many geckos have a goofy personality, and a silly name would suit them well.
32. Geck The name Geck means ‘to mock’, and has been the name of several loveable TV characters.
33. Frog If you want a truly silly name for your gecko, name it after another animal.
34. Spud Spud is a silly name for anyone, but especially for a gecko. If your lizard is a couch-potato, this name works well.
35. Spike A name usually reserved for aggressive dogs, what could be a sillier choice for a leopard gecko? Especially if the lizard is a loveable dope.
36. Elizardbeth If you want a truly iconic name, why not go with this variation of Elizabeth?

Original Leopard Gecko Names

If you want a name unlike any other, why not make a pun out of it?

37. Def Gecko For the rock fans out there – why not a variation of everyone’s favorite band?
38. Geckosaurus We’ve discovered a new dinosaur, and it looks like a leopard gecko.
39. Hey-Ho-Gecko For the gecko that was a pirate in its previous life.
40. Count Geckola If Vampires are your thing, then why not name your Gecko after one? With a twist, of course.
41. Leopardo Da Vinci If you want an original name, why not this one? It’s a fun spin-off of Leonardo Da Vinci – the famous inventor.

Heroic Leopard Gecko Names

You can almost imagine your leopard gecko as a superhero. And, many heroic-sounding names are gender-neutral.

Here are some of our favorite heroic lizard names:

42. Echo Echo the Gecko has a wonderful ring to it, don’t you think? It’s just waiting for someone to make memes about it.
43. Blaze Blaze is an excellent unisex name for one of the bright red or orange morphs.
44. Beast Beast is an excellent name for a bulky gecko. It speaks of strength and power (and maybe the ability to demolish mealworms).
45. Morph For obvious reasons, Morph works for almost any leopard gecko. You can use it for both female and male geckos of any morph.
46. Firefly Firefly can refer either to the morph type, the lizard’s personality, or an odd star-like pattern.
47. Scorch If your lizard looks like it has a burn-mark or an attitude that can burn you, this is a perfect name for it.
48. Nebula For that gecko that shines a little brighter than the others. A nebula is a brightly-colored space cloud.

Names for Red Leopard Geckos

Red geckos are among the easiest to find names for. A variety of unisex leopard gecko names for red leos present themselves below.

49. Red Not the most original name out there, but it has so many great spin-offs. With a name like Red, how can your gecko not be a stalwart with personality?
50. Rosy If you have one of the lighter red morphs, why not consider rosy? It’s a rosy color, after all. The name means ‘horse,’ ‘fame,’ or ‘rose’.
51. Berry

Berry is the ideal goofball leopard gecko name. It’s not as feisty, but it describes a certain personality type perfectly.

Ideal for a red leo that you want to “boop” all day long.

52. Flame

Perhaps the perfect name for a red leopard gecko with attitude. Warnings like, “Don’t touch Flame, you’ll get burnt.” come to mind.

53. Scarlet

If you have a red gecko with personality, consider Scarlet. Whether or not you add the O’Hara, this name has a certain bite to it.

54. Crimson

Crimson is an excellent choice for one of the super red varieties. With their odd smile and bright red coloration, these geckos often look like they’re blushing.

Names for Giant Leopard Geckos

Large leopard geckos deserve names that befit their size.

55. Atlas

Atlas is a Greek name meaning “to carry”. It’s also the name of a Greek titan who carried the world on his shoulders.

Does your pet look like it’s carrying the whole world’s burdens and more besides? This is one of the cool names for a giant pet with a downcast personality.

56. Hodor

The name of everyone’s favorite intellectually-challenged giant. Is your gecko a bit slower than his friends, and giant to boot? Consider naming him after this gentle giant.

57. Goliath

If your leopard gecko looks like he’s ready to take on the whole world alone, why not name him Goliath?

This Biblical character was the champion giant warrior of the Philistines after all. The name is Hebrew and means “exile”.

58. Gulliver

If you’ve seen, or read, Gulliver’s Travels, you know exactly why this name is accurate.

Gulliver was swept away to the city of Lilliput, where all the people were the size of beetles. The name is French, and refers to a greedy person.

Frontview closeup of a leopard gecko's face
Leopard geckos are often a little dopey, making Hodor an ideal name.

Leopard Gecko Names for Pairs

If you have two geckos, then a pair name is the ideal choice. Here are a few of our favorites:



These two legends from nursery rhymes are goofy enough to be leopard geckos. You can almost see a leopard gecko rolling down the hill with a water bucket.


Perfect if you have more than one male gecko. Just like the TV series, leopard geckos have goofy personalities.


For lovers of the hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Both names are English, with “Robin” meaning “Bright Flame” and “Marian” meaning “From the Sea”.



If you’re a classicist, then these characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice are perfect for a male and female leopard gecko pair.

The characters are feisty and stubbornly independent, just like some geckos we know and love.



If you have an albino morph and a darker morph, Salt and Pepper might be a good name selection.



An ideal name for a pair that goes together like, well, cookies and milk.



For that truly American flavor, why not name your pair Sprinkles and Cheese?

Sprinkles works well for a spotted morph, and Cheese for a yellow morph.

Leopard Gecko Names That Start With L

For obvious reasons, people often request names that start with ‘L’. Fortunately, there are plenty of good leopard gecko names starting with this letter.

66. Larry Larry is short for Lawrence, an English name that means ‘Laurel’. If you have a laid-back leo, then this is a perfect name for it.
67. Lennon Lennon is an Irish name meaning “Dear One.” If you’re looking for unisex names for your new pet, this is a good option.
68. Leopard Among the least unusual pet gecko names, Leopard is an obvious choice. These geckos resemble leopards, and some have a temperament to match.
69. Lazarus For the gecko that looks dead when it sleeps. Derived from the Hebrew, meaning ‘God has helped’.
70 Lightning For pet lizards who love to race around their cage, which name could be better. Your leopard gecko’s name will be a replica of its nature.
71. Leonardo or Leonard

A name of Italian origin meaning ‘Lion Brave.’

Whether it reminds you of Da Vinci or a certain television turtle, this name is perfect for male leos. Plus, you can shorten it to Leo for convenience.

Leopard Gecko Names That Start With Z

Strangely, one of the most requested categories of leopard gecko names is those starting with the letter ‘Z’.

Leopard Gecko resting on a piece of wood closeup
It’s easy to imagine a strong female leopard gecko riding into battle – Zelda is a good name.
72. Zelda

The German name Zelda is short for Griselda. It means ‘strong woman’ or ‘grey battle’. It’s the perfect name for that feisty female leopard gecko.

It also has special meaning to the gamers out there, thanks to the video game character of the same name.

73. Zoom

If you have one of those high-speed geckos that just wants to go, go, go, then this is the name for it.

As the leopard gecko zooms around its cage, you can make zoom zoom noises, and your friends will think you’re talking to the gecko.

74. Zorro

Yet another name from a fictional legend. Zorro is Spanish for “the fox,” and the name of a popular masked folk hero who helps the oppressed.

A strong choice for a gecko with a band across its eyes (or particular spirit, perhaps?).

75. Zeek

For anyone who remembers Zeek the Geek, this name is self-explanatory.

With their giant eyes, all leopard geckos need to match the image is an oversized beanie. It’s a Hebrew name meaning ‘God strengthens’.

76. Zander

The perfect name for that laid-back leo. It’s a name of Greek origin, meaning ‘defender of the people’.

Personal Names for Leopard Geckos

There’s no reason why you can’t choose a human name or place name for your pet.

Leopard gecko drinking water
Giving your leo a name with personal significance adds depth to the name choice.

Some of the best pet names for your leopard gecko will have personal significance.

Here are a few suggestions. You could name your gecko after a: 

  • Childhood friend
  • Deceased loved one
  • Favorite family member
  • Favorite character from a book or tv series
  • Place where something significant happened

The advantage of this approach is that your pet names will likely be unique.

Your gecko’s unique name could be anything from Bournemouth to Aunt Edna or Captain Nero.

Can Leopard Geckos Recognize Their Names?

Not as such. A leopard gecko’s name is more for the benefit of the owner. It does make caring for your leopard gecko easier, if it recognizes you.

If you keep calling your pet by its name, it will learn to recognize your voice when you say it. It will take months or years, but the lizard will learn.

Calling it by a suitable name will help you to train it faster since we tend to use similar intonation when using a word often.

So, unlike other pets, your leo will learn to recognize your voice rather than its name.

Still need names for your other reptiles? Check out our turtle naming guide and snake naming guide.

Which names are you considering for your leopard gecko? Let us know in the comments.


I’m Stacey, the owner of this website and lifelong reptile lover, caretaker, and educator. Here you will find everything from information on how to care for reptiles, to even how to give your reptiles the best fighting chances against a range of common reptile diseases and illnesses, and everything in between!

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