Awesome Bearded Dragon Memes: Our Picks for the Best of 2022

Beardies are the perfect meme animals. They let you dress them up, always wear a smile, and can brighten any day. Let’s have a look at some of the greatest bearded dragon memes.

Best Bearded Dragon Memes

The best bearded dragon images must be the ones that reflect their love of food.

Bearded Dragon

This entry reflects the dreaded autocorrect and its insistence on changing bearded dragon to breaded dragon. This glitch has nearly caused a bearded dragon revolt… more than once.

bearded dragon dietary restrictions meme

Did You Know: Obesity is one of the most common bearded dragon health issues. The bearded dragon is notoriously picky, and many memes reflect that.

Bearded Dragon Birthday Meme

The bearded dragon birthday meme has become a staple post for people who love lizards. The oldest bearded dragon on record lived to the ripe old age of 18.

bearded dragon bearded dragon meme

Did You Know: The average bearded dragon lifespan is around 8-12 years in captivity. In the wild, beardies only live for five to eight years.

Bearded Dragon Running Meme

While you wouldn’t expect it from such a dumpy animal, the bearded dragon can move! The bearded dragon running meme celebrates the running abilities of these animals.

Bearded Dragon Running Meme

Pro Tip: To keep your bearded dragon in shape, give it toys and activities to keep it busy.

bearded dragon running in place on a desk meme

Many memes commemorate the hungry nature of the bearded dragon. These animals would spend 90% of their time sleeping, and the other 10% eating.

You must know how often to feed a bearded dragon so they don’t overeat.

Cute Bearded Dragon Memes

The cute bearded dragon meme reflects this animal’s odd behavior. Head bobbing and their constant smile have been the cause of more than one post.

Bearded Dragon Standing up Meme

Did You Know: Most bearded dragon babies go through three or four enclosures in their lifetime.

These animals have a surprising growth rate and you need to know the right tank size for your pet.

crazy bearded dragon lady meme
For a lizard, the bearded dragon has proven to be charming and cuddly.

If you bond with your bearded dragon, these animals can be as addictive as, if not more addictive than, dogs or cats.

Bearded Dragon Memes Funny

If you love animals, these bearded dragon memes are sure to put a smile on your face.

Bearded Dragon Picky-eater meme
This post is an example of one of the things that contribute most towards bearded dragon obesity problems. Many beardies hate vegetables.

Check out our bearded dragon won’t eat greens article if yours is one of the many that only wants live food.

bearded dragon eating dragonflies meme

Bearded Dragon Memes Clean

Wherever you have memes, you also have swearing. We found the best clean bearded dragon images to make you smile.

Bearded Dragon lettuce leaf on head meme

Did You Know: A bearded dragon named Butter became famous when the vet had to put her down because of a tumor.
Butter’s owner shared images of the bearded dragon and asked people to make memes that will make his girlfriend smile.

Bearded Dragon Tech Support Meme

As you can see from these images, these animals have an unbelievable tolerance for getting dressed up.

Whether it’s a sweater or an elf hat, these animals will wear it with a smile. 

Oh, speaking of smiles, don’t forget to check out our funny photos of leopard gecko smiles here. 

What’s your favorite bearded dragon meme? Drop a link in the comments.


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