Bearded Dragon Behavior & Body Language Decoded (What’s Normal & When to Worry)

When compared to that of the family cat or dog, bearded dragon behavior unfortunately isn’t always so easy to pick up on or understand.

You see, when it comes to deciphering the meaning behind your cat or dog’s behavior, the explanations are obvious and feel almost culturally ingrained within our brains.

We know, before even realizing it, that a wagging tail or a soft guttural purring are both signs of contentment in our furry friends. But what about our pets that are noticeably less furry, who err more on the cold blooded side?

Everyone knows that a dog wagging its tail is happy, just as a cat hissing or yowling is angry or scared.

But, what about your bearded dragon?

How do we know when they’re sad, angry, hungry, playful, or anything else for that matter?

How exactly are you supposed to decipher the meaning behind bearded dragon behavior, especially if you’ve never had a reptile for a pet before?!

Fortunately, this is where I come in.

As a reptile expert myself, I’ve created this article to serve as your all-in-one resource for decoding your bearded dragon’s behavior and body language alike so you can ultimately take better care of them.

If your bearded dragon is doing something strange, chances are I have an explanation for it below.

Common Bearded Dragon Behaviors to Be Aware of

All bearded dragons will likely exhibit some if not all of the behaviors listed below. As a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to become familiar with what not only each of these behaviors mean, but what triggers them as well.

Understanding your beardie’s body language and behavior will give you a serious look at their health, mental state, and much more.

Arm Waving


Do you ever feel like your bearded dragon is trying to catch your attention by waving at you from behind the glass? If so, it could be their way of showing submission to you. Sure, it sounds crazy but it’s true!

You see, like a dog that might lay down and show you it’s belly, a bearded dragon that feels submissive or intimidated will wave it’s arm!

Many specialists also believe that arm waving is something beardies do in the wild to signal to other beardies that they mean them no harm and are not a threat.

Also, arm waving has been considered a part of the mating ritual as well, with females often arm waving back at males who head bob at them.

Head Bobbing

Ah, good old head bobbing. Arguably one of the more common bearded dragon behaviors, head bobbing can actually happen for a variety of reasons!

Because of this, I took it upon myself to write an entire article dedicated to the potential meanings behind head bobbing. Here, you’ll be able to learn specifically WHY bearded dragons head bob.

If you have noticed your bearded dragon head bobbing lately, I highly recommend you check it out!

Glass Surfing


Much like your dog scratching desperately at the glass after being put outside, your bearded dragon too may scratch at the glass, displaying what is commonly referred to as “glass surfing”.

However, unlike your dog who just wants back inside, this behavior from your bearded dragon could mean a multitude of different things.

In fact, I’ve dedicated an entire post to deciphering this strange behavior because in actuality, there can be SO many reasons behind it!

Make the jump to discover the 8 surprising reasons why bearded dragons glass surf and how to get them to stop.

Changing Colors


Like other species of reptiles, fish, and amphibians, bearded dragons have what are called “Chromatophores”.

Chromatophores are pigmented cells that reflect light and allow them to change color as they react to their environment.

Now, before diving much deeper into color changes it is important to first note that bearded dragons can change color as they age.

So, if your beardie seems to darken or brighten up as they get older, don’t worry too much, especially if this change takes place over the course of months.

Additionally, some bearded dragons can change color as they warm up or become happy.

If you notice your bearded dragon turning a brighter color, like orange, light brown, or yellow, when they’re warm or appear to be in a good mood, don’t worry about it too much!

Now, if you notice your bearded dragon’s color change out of nowhere or come on in a very dramatic fashion, this is when you’ll want to pay attention…

A bearded dragon that darkens its body or beard is typically one that is either cold, angry, scared, stressed, ill, or threatened.

You’ll want to figure out why your bearded dragon’s body or beard is dark as none of the aforementioned states are desirable.

2 Reasons Your Bearded Dragon is Darkening Their Body


#1: They’re Cold and Trying to Attract Warmth

Believe it or not, often times when your bearded dragon is cold, they’ll actually darken up in an attempt to attract warmth!

Whether in the sun or under their basking bulb, a dark bearded dragon is simply trying to just warm themselves up.

Additionally, you may notice your bearded dragon during this time flatten out, kind of similar to a pancake.

This is also a mechanism they’ll use to warm up as it enlarges their body, allowing them to attract more heat.

#2: They’re Feeling Stressed Out

Imagine how on edge you’d be feeling stressed out all day long, due to things out of your control.

Sure, your skin color might not change but chances are your stress would physically manifest in other ways, like breakouts or lashing out.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that could be stressing your bearded dragon out, so it’s up to you to really put your thinking cap on here. Ask yourself the following questions…

Has anything changed recently in their tank that could be making them feel uneasy?

Are there any feeders jumping around after meal time that could be biting them?

Has anything changed outside their tank, such as the introduction of a new pet in the family or perhaps kids home for the summer causing extra noise and commotion?

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help destress your bearded dragon FAST and get them back to their normal color.

Behavior When Shedding

bearded dragon shedding

If your bearded dragon is preparing to have a shed, don’t be alarmed if they seem to be a little bit on the cranky or reclusive side.

You may additionally notice them not wanting to be held or even seeming a little restless and fidgety.

They may even black beard a little more than normal as well.

Also, it isn’t uncommon for their appetite to be a little non existent as well. So, if they’re not eating much don’t be too concerned unless this behavior goes on for more than several days.

To make this process easier and more comfortable for your bearded dragon, make sure you educate yourself on how to safely help a bearded dragon shed.

Behavior Before Laying Eggs

Before discussing the behaviors associated with a female bearded dragon who is about to lay eggs, let’s make sure you’re caught up on beardie reproduction.

Namely, if you didn’t know… female bearded dragons can lay eggs with or without any formal mating.

This means, that even if your female bearded dragon hasn’t been around any males, she could still be “gravid” AKA pregnant and lay a clutch of infertile eggs.

In the weeks leading up to your female laying her eggs, regardless of whether they’re fertile or infertile, she will likely display some specific behaviors.

For starters, she may seem lethargic and less active, choosing to lay under her heat lamp. Then, as she gets ready to lay their eggs, she will begin digging within her enclosure.

If you suspect that your bearded dragon is gravid and going to lay eggs, you’ll want to make sure you provide her with a lay box and also adjust her diet to keep her healthy and make her birthing process as easy on her as possible.

Behavior After Brumation

Bearded Dragon Brumation

If your bearded dragon is coming out of brumation than you need to be prepared for them to be a little on the lethargic side.

Also, don’t expect them to have much of an appetite either.

How long it will take your bearded dragon to go back to normal will vary on a case by case basis, with some beardies acting like their normal selves within a few days and others taking a whole month. Just be make sure to be patient.

On the flip side, you may also notice your bearded dragon has a bizarre sleeping schedule and random bouts of energy.

During this time, they’re adjusting to being awake again so don’t be too surprised if you find them acting sleepy and taking long naps, only to wake up later with tons of energy!

Bearded dragons who seem especially anxious to get out of their tank are also no cause for concern.

Brumation can be a pretty confusing if not scary experience for many first time reptile owners, so make sure you familiarize yourself on what to expect and how to help your beardie during their brumation.

Wrapping Up Bearded Dragon Behavior

All in all, bearded dragons can display some pretty weird behavior.

However, more times than not, this behavior is not a reason for concern so much as it is an opportunity for you to learn more about your pet.

Nine times out of ten, your bearded dragon’s behavior is a direct response to something in their environment that is either stressing them out or not ideal. An unusual change of temperament can however also be a sign of parasitic infectious diseases

This is why it is so important to understand what the behavior means so you can be in tune with what they need from you.



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  1. Hi i would like to ask my beared dragon neve got this angry for noting even if i out on the sun ligjt she gos mad if we walk oass the casges she gos made makes her beared up and goes on like she want to atac me it is now two days when she gets mades she poof up her beared maked ger self flat en hit that beared and trow herself around in the and we did not to any thing new to her cages nots is new on the out side momday we opend it up and she just when on like this and just keep on gone made rolling like i dont even know her i dont even want her any more she scares me

    • We have two bearded dragons when is so loving the other one right now is puffed up black even the tail is turning black and hissing we did put new sand in its cage but still don’t understand why it’s behaving like this and it’s scaring us

      • 1:No sand!!! It could choke, you should see a specialist for any consumed objects,
        2:Give him his own cage
        3:Adjust the lighting

        • Is it normal for baby bearded dragons to surf scratch the tank since the tank is new and I bought him 1 day ago, he seems to be very stressed out what do I do

      • Remove the Sand ASAP they I MV eat it and it destroys their tummy. Use a matt u can order from Zen Habitats or use white Gerry cloth towels or a strait pillow case. Also, DONOT let the beardie see the other one at all it causes major stress & health issues!!!

      • And place them in separate tanks ASAP; one will suffer and eventually get very sick!! U cannot house 2beardies in the same tank and move the tank so they cannot see each other!!!! Common sense just read!! Also No sand and u need a clear basking bulb by zoomed!! No colored bulbs and u need the Reptisun 10.0 T5 for UVB; the length should cover 70 percent of the tank! Also crickets ans Dubias only never ever feed meal works and no suppers or hornworms till they are almost 1.5 yrs old! Lots of staple greens ans veggies!! No spinach, kale or carrots not good for them!!!

        • Kale is great for beardies to eat. In fact its very nutritious and not expensive. So not sure what you’re spatting off about but please speak english!
          Owning a beardie is a learning experience that noone is perfect at from day one so be wise with your words.
          Once beardies are seperated after birth its best to keep it that way forever and avoid them seeing each other. If you happened to get 2 babies and have raised them together thats a different scenario and id suggest a bigger tererium or seperate them now. Separating them may be the best option to avoid any further odd behavior or death. I know of all occasions.
          We use paper towels for the bottom of tererium for now so easy clean up. Not fond of leaving poop debri in their habitats. Its gross. And having to wash a mat everytime they poop throws off tank temps too much. May not be the most efficient way to do it but it’s the cleanest and safest way to handle their poo.
          Once they are over a year old sand it is. I mean they live naturally on the desert so i imagine once they are full size they’ll be fine. Just be cautious feeding. Like not in the sand. That itself is dumb! Seperate the food from the sand. The habitat should be well over big enough to do so.

    • find a rescue or rehome in the classified. Where are you located.You can even take it to the humane society where they will find it a good home.

    • What would cause my breardy flip over. I took him to the vet and all bloodwork and xray were great. But he keeps shaking his head back and forth,flipping over on his back and not eating. He staying black all the time. Any ideas are welcome

    • Four/Five Critical Factors When It Comes to Choosing Staple Greens

      When it comes to feeding staple greens, it can be extremely challenging. There are a lot of different views, but it all boils down to four (maybe five) factors, I think: (1) Is it safe and edible for a bearded dragon? (2) What is the Calcium-to-Phosphorus ratio? Is there more Calcium than Phosphorus? At least 1.5:1 or 2:1 or greater? (3) What is its Oxalate content? Is it low (or perhaps medium) in oxalate content? (4) What is its Goitrogen content? Is it non-goitrogenic, or at least low in content? (5) Is it nutrient-dense? These are important factors. You will literally have to research the nutritional values of all greens and make careful decisions. Bearded dragons need calcium (and Vitamin D3, heat, and UVA/ UVB exposure) to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. Vitamin K also encourages calcium absorption. If the amount of phosphorus is higher than that of calcium, the phosphorus may act as a calcium-binding agent. Oxalates are substances that can also act as calcium-binding agents, and greens happen to be full of them, most leafy greens are. Goitrogens are substances that affect iodine levels and inhibit the thyroid; their longstanding consumption could lead to hypothyroidism. Again, most leafy greens are goitrogenic. For humans, this problem can be solved by cooking them, mixing them in with non-goitrogenic vegetables, or by consuming more iodine and selenium to minimize thyroid effect. For bearded dragons, none of these precautions are practical. So avoidance and strict moderation are required. High consumption of raw greens can lead to thyroid problems. Being that bearded dragons spend most of their lives with 80% of their diet being raw leafy greens, this could be a serious issue. All of the greens that are somewhat satisfactory should be fed in moderation, perhaps as additives. But staple greens must satisfy all four factors to be healthy and wise for long-term consumption. As far as I can see, Belgian Endive and Dandelion Greens seem to be the some of the few real staple greens for bearded dragons. They both are edible, have favorable Ca:P ratios, have medium Oxalate content, are non-goitrogenic, and are nutrient-dense (enriched with minerals and vitamins). Chicory Greens may also be considered, but they are a little higher in Oxalate content, in which case mixing them with Endive/ Dandelion may be better. Everything else like Kale, Collard Greens, Cabbage, etc. is faulty. They are nutritious, but they are goitrogenic. If you were feed them as main staple greens, then you’d run the risk of developing thyroid issues in the long-run. You could add something like Red Cabbage as an additive, in moderation, but you can’t feed it as a staple without taking a health risk. In the end, you have to research as if you were a veterinary nutritionist.

  2. My dragon has been very calm acting ever since it got about 12inches long. Sleeping and sometimes not moving most the day. Still eats regularly though and gets excited about live food. Only uses the bathroom once every couple weeks and normally cause I give him a long warm bath. Is that their normal behavior to be incredibly chill even while being handled? Or could it be that he doesn’t feel good.

    • Yes!!! He is just growing! Mine is still a baby, I wish mine would grow faster, wait, lemme get it out of my hair…

    • My dragon is the exact same way, I’m actually not sure how old he is but he is atleast 4, and he basically sleeps all day or if he isn’t sleeping he just basks or stay on his log. When I take him out to hold him we just cuddle. He is very nice, has never puffed his bear or anything. He is so chill. He also has a healthy appetite and only poops once every two weeks and most of the time it’s when I bathe him. So I would say it’s probably not too abnormal.

  3. I have a 3 or 4 month old beardie named spitfire he dont like my husband coming close to me when im holding him. He puffs out his beard when my husband is laying woth me watching a movie

    • Oh, that’s so cute!!! Was he with him as a baby? Does he have a deep voice? Is he big? My beardie is scared of my Dad because of this!!!

  4. My bearded dragon arches his back and opens his mouth upwards, towards the sky. He also doesn’t move very much and hasn’t been eating his crickets; he has actually been letting them run all over him. I’m getting very concerned as he won’t eat or drink on his own.

    • this is called skygazing. it means that he has a neurologic he fallen recently? Take him to a vet. it may be a virus that affects the nervous system.

    • Go to vet ASAP. Sounds like stargazing which is from a contagious virus (ADV). If tested positive there is no cure. May lead to seizures and health issues down the road or death.

    • My DB Vet told me that I should not let crickets run around in the tank. They may bite the BD and they can also be a source of stress for them. I rescued a very malnourished Beardie. He was near death. I’ve never owned one before. The Vet recommended Oxbow Critical Care twice a day. I bought it on Amazon. I started with half a teaspoon mixed with water and fed him using a syringe. He is doing great and within 2 weeks he put on 30 grams. He changes to an orange color now when I feed him. I guess he is happy. Don’t let your Beardie go hungry for too long or loose too much weight. Keep your eyes on him. They do need nutrition. Mine won’t eat anything. He is happy with that stuff. I just ordered another bag. For now that’s working since he is still getting better from a hand injury.

  5. I have a serious worry for my beardie he’s about 4 and I even took him to the vet a specialist and got him medicine but he’s been flipping himself over and laying on his back does anyone know the reason I’m very worried thanks so much!

    • It could be the adenovirus or what they call stargazing. You should YouTube it. It can be serious. Some beardies have lived long lives with it and some beardies has to be put down because of how serious it was. I’d go to an exotic vet specialist right away.

    • Don’t worry, but you should take him to a SPECIALIST, it could be serious, and something for one, just make sure he’s getting good meals and nutrients.

    • You want to make sure that uv lighting is sufficient Diet does not block Calcium absorption that he gets enough water and gets enough calcium in his diet. I had this problem I made sure lizard is getting the right Uvb light and that it is close enough Cleaned cage and gave daily warm baths for a week and added vitamins and she showed great improvement

  6. Hi, I don’t know it little Roiho, my bearded dragon is having seizures, or what, but he keeps on acting crazy, running around, hiding, biting, scratching, digging, and overall just getting more aggressive, what I hear, this shouldn’t happen, considering he’s very young, and I think it could be a lack of nutrients, but he’s pretty small for his age, my last being pretty big, I don’t think it’s a lack of nutrients, considering he gets fed his meal daily. I don’t know why. I thought you could tell me if I should do something about it, or if he’s just young and active. Thank You!

  7. So I just got a baby bearded dragon from a friend they said she was sweet and liked to be handled and when I got her she let me hold her the first couple of days but now she doesn’t liked to be touched I have got to where she will let me pet her after I feed her but then she goes back to puffing up and acting like she’s going to attack. Does anyone know why?

    • Hi Cheyenne!

      My guess is that she’s still getting used to you. She could just be adjusting to her new home and owner(s), so please give her some time. As long as she has a healthy appetite and is basking and acting normal, I truly wouldn’t worry much.

      Something you can do to better ensure she’s able to grow up healthy is to ensure her lighting setup is on point and that her diet is appropriate for her age.

      Baby beardies have different diet and temperature needs than adults so it’s very important that we as owners consider this when caring for them in their adolescents.

      Best of luck to you and congrats on your new baby!

      – Stacey

  8. Hello,
    I bought a baby bearded dragon about 3 weeks ago ..At first she was eating an up an active butt know she just lays around under her cave maybe she’ll come out for a couple hours ..butt she turns black an skinny plus she bearly eating anymore.. I’ve tried everything.. I’ve bought new light also give her baths.. I still cant get her to be active.. I’m so scared that i bought a sick baby.. They people i got her from say she’s about 5 to 6 months old..
    I also take her out of her home an cuddle with her.butt nothing else..

    • Hi Tangie,

      Sorry to hear you’re having some problems with your beardie. To help me understand what’s going on could you walk me through your lighting setup? Specifically, I’m curious as to what UVB bulb and basking bulb you’re using, what the cage temps are (basking spot, hot side, and cool side), and what you’ve been feeding your beardie. Inadequate lighting is typically the first culprit with a sick beardie so I’m especially interested in this information.


      • So my beardie I got for Xmas we just were making masks because of covid-19 and my mom said it would be a perfect for my beardie and he was out on it to see if likes it.and he scrambled off and just scrunched in a corner.p.s it was green and orange.his tank is desert themed those colors just scars them or no? I’m worried 😟

  9. Just a quick question! I’m watching a friend of mine bearded dragon and I’ve grown to love him so very much! His name is Rocky and ever since he pooed yesterday, he hasn’t seemed to calm down about it. I knew he didn’t like to be around it after he did his business and I cleaned it up but still seemed angry. I’ve done so much research about glass surfing and color change. I’ve read different temperatures, added some back drops so he wouldn’t see his reflection, let him run around my room a lot but whenever I put him back in his cage he goes all black and just not at all happy. He is shedding right now so the restlessness might be because of that but I’m concerned that he’s black with little to no color change back to his normal color! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Sorry to hear about your hissy bearded dragon. I recommend you check out the articles below to bond with, de-stress, and properly care for your new pet. With some time, she should warm up to you (so long as you treat her right and ensure she’s healthy!).

      1. How to destress a bearded dragon
      2. How to bond with your bearded dragon
      3. Expert bearded dragon lighting and temperature guide

      I know this seems like a lot of reading, but I could see her demeanor having changed due to a myriad of reasons. From a stressful environment, to her just needing to bond with you, to improper lighting… it’s probably best you just take a little time to read all 3 articles and put the advice in them into practice. I feel confident if you do this, she’ll come around.

  10. Help Please just got a 1 year old male beardie. He use to belong to a young girl who lost interest and from what I can tell just petted him in the cage he is my first and I would really like to get him out take him on car rides and let him roam the place how do I gain his trust or is their a possibility he will never come around. He wants out doing a lot of glass surfing bit when I go to get him he makes it to where I can’t pick him up putting his sides down and flattening out please help

  11. Our beardie is 9 years old and just started laying clutches of eggs once a month the past few months which definitely surprised us. She worries me every time because the days before she lays she appears neurologic and will curl herself to one side and not move the other direction. I’ve been giving her soaks when I see this and trying to give her a lot of greens to increase her calcium. It stresses me out and I’m wondering if she’ll ever stop laying or will this continue every month?

  12. Hello, my beardie has recently started to darken his beard and only seems to calm down after being handled. He’s never been like this before and I’ve had him for 4.5 years. Is this normal or should I be worried?

  13. Hi I’ve got a 3 year old girl bearded dragon. She has just gotten over a yeast infection. For the last week she has gone crazy running around the house. I put her in her tank for and within a few minutes she is wanting to come out again. Ihaxe felt her tunny and I can’t feel any eggs. What can be the reason for this

  14. Hello I have a sick bearded dragon he is about 4yrs I took him to the vet and they put him on emerald ic omnivore intensive care nutrition for debilitated omnivore he looks alot better now but still not eating on hits own his eyes have been shut for a bout two and half weeks now I’ve been soaking them and he has opened for 3to 4 seconds and then closes then again he won’t keep then open and he is still not eating on his own the vet said to cut back on the meds so I did but he still not eating on his own and I’m about out of the meds maybe 2to 3 days left of the meds he was real lethargic but moved around a lot more at times is there something I can try to help the poor guy out cant afford another visit to the doc last one cost me over$200 add I had take him to an emergency ofter hours vet como veterinarians in st paul Minnesota if you converting maybe five some advice would greatly be appreciated thanks

  15. Hello so I recently got a baby beadie and I was expecting her to be very active running around, skittish, but every time I touch her or pick her up she’s very still and when I put her back in her enclosure she doesn’t move from that spot I set her down at almost as if she’s trying to act like she’s not there. she’s getting the right temperatures she’s not showing signs of stress she seems healthy she’s eating pretty normal so I was just wondering if she might be sick because of how still and un active she is or maybe she’s just adjusting to her new environment ?do you have and thoughts because I’ve never seen this in a baby beardie..

    • Hi Celeste!

      What temperature is her basking spot and cool side of her tank? Also, what kind of UVB bulb are you using? Are you dusting her food with calcium 4-5 times a week (but no more than once a day)? Is she getting a multi-vitamin?

  16. Hi I’m a new beardie owner, I’ve had mine for about a year or so and I’ve had no experience with them, neither does anyone I know. I changed tanks but as far as I remember he’s always been a dark ish kinda color. He’s never really been yellow and I’ve been extremely concerned about that. Lately he’s been hiding under his hammock and doesn’t eat much. I don’t even remember the last time he pooped. He hasn’t been aggressive towards me at all. I switched his food to more fresh stuff because I learned the food I was giving him has no nutritional value. I changed his light to something brighter and warmer, he just sits in the corner most of the day. I accidentally gave him some mealworms (alive and dead) because I thought it was a good treat but it turns out I was severely wrong. I’m scared for my beardie and I feel like I’m doing tons of stuff wrong

    • Ok first Of all if your concerned about him being dark the there’s probably nothing to worry about, he may do that cause he need more light. Feeding him about 1 small cricket a week will be good and (depending on what size he is) give him 3-5 large or small mealworms a day will be good. Don’t give him anything dead because it may have a sickness or something. You can also give him some celery leaves if you trust it. If he hasn’t pooped you need to take him to the vet, my beardie goes to the bathroom about 1-2times a day so that’s definitely a problem. Try sprinkling some calcium on the mealworms too. In his cage put some carpet you can find at pet smart made for beardies, small logs for him to bask on, some leaves or so, and clean out the cage once a week. Take him out and pet him lightly about 5 times a day so he has attention, and give him 10 minute baths every week.

      I’m really truly sorry if this is wrong and he dies😣

      Love- Georgi

  17. I just got my bearded dragon 2 months ago, they didn’t know how old he was, he’s 13inches right now, but he doesn’t really have an appetite anymore, some days he’ll eat 5 worms other days it’s none or maybe 1 or 2. It’s been about two days sense hes ate, he won’t touch his green though he’s never ate any sense I got him. I powder his bugs in rapshy calcium plus, his temps look right with the digital thermometer and I have an inflared temp gun Thing By Zilla too. He’s in his hide a lot which is under his basking light, he only had diarrhea once about a week ago, it was a very light brown/beige color. Sense his poops have been normal with urate. I really don’t know what’s going on. I’ve never had a bearded dragon before or a reptile. Help. 🥺

    • Meal worms can be bad for beardies and can cause impaction. Try Dubai roaches as they run around a lot and can trigger hunting response out of your dragon. Mine didn’t eat many worms because the barely moved but he loves Dubai roaches.

  18. Hello,

    I just got my beardie Paollo the other day and he is very young. I got him from a pet store and I want to ensure he’s having the best life he can. He’s been keeping to one of his hides primarily but still eats good. I’m not sure he’s getting enough hydration he drank yesterday but today I tried dripping water into his snout and he wouldn’t drink from it. This is my first reptile and I wanna do my best 🥺 any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • So my experience is to offer them a water dish but mine has never drank from it either that I have seen. They are desert lizards so don’t require a lot of water they get most of there hydration from the food they eat and I give mine a bath once a week to make sure she stays hydrated and clean of course

  19. My beardy wont let me pick him up he always opens his mouth hisses and jumps at me like he wants to bite me what do I do?

  20. Hello! I have a new baby bearded dragon, we’ve had him for two weeks and I know he needs some time to get used to us and his new habitat, but every single time he sees us he runs away and hides. He eats well and he’s usually on his basking rock but when someone enters the room he immediately hides inside his rock. Any suggestions? We haven’t handled him much at all yet because we were trying not to stress him out and give him time to get more comfortable. But how long should we give him or should we start trying to interact with him more?

    • I got my first beardie almost two weeks ago we started hand feeding him day two, I hold my hand in front of him and just keep it still he realised that we are not a threat to him he is allowing us to pick him up and play out of his tank.

  21. Hello,
    We have a female bearded dragon and she’s 3.5 years old. She’s very sweet and roams our house quite a bit. For the past few days she is itching to get outside. She sits in her tank to get lighting for a while but then she wants out. She goes straight to her window seat and starts scratching at the windows to get out. I’ve taken her out and let her get sun a few times, which calmed her down but today she just wants out. She even seems to be clawing at the walls and she’s running around the house acting totally stressed. I’ve never seen this behavior from her before.

  22. My lizard went missing for three days, we found her and put her in her cage for an hour, we got this outdoor cage fir if to put her in for a few hours, when I came to bring her back she kept hissing we tried to give her some food and she wouldn’t eat, then one time I came back and she started turning blacker and hissed at me louder than I’ve ever heard. She is a year and a half old and it was 90 degrees

  23. My daughter was petting her beardie with a small paintbrush and the tip of his tail started wagging? What does that mean?

  24. What does it mean when my beardie spins his tail ? I just recently got a female. They’re not in the same tank but when he saw her he spinned his tail.

  25. Hello everyone I am not new to owning reptiles I’ve had snakes,iguanas, tarantulas etc… But never a bearded dragon my sister gave him/her to me she had him/her since palm size of hand (baby) after two years it’s gotten pretty big and I noticed she would not paying attention to him/her as much so she gave it to me I take it out it’s actually very calm but here’s my question
    Sometimes as I pet him/her it moves its head up and down ever so gently and slow almost like a worm any reason as to why it does this?
    Him/her I say this cause not sure if it’s a boy or girl

  26. Hey, I’ve got a 3-4 month old beardie who sits at the front of his enclosure. Doesn’t glass surf and scratch, just sits and kinda watches my fiance and I. What could this mean? Does he wanna come out or is he just curious what’s going on? Cause when we open the door to let him out, he runs haha he’s a funky little guy.

  27. I adopted my bearded dragon from a friend and we have had her for about 2 months. I used to babysit her beforehand and she’s always loved being with me but just recently she started to puff her beard out at me and is showing signs of getting angry at me for the last two days. I checked her Temps and everything is fine, she eats great i just don’t know what her deal is. I love her so much and i just want to understand the sudden change. Please help.

  28. I have a 5 month old bearded dragon. He’s has no problem eating going to the bathroom he roams around for a little while and then he hides and he will hide all day if I let him. Should I be concerned

    • Hmmm what are you cage temperatures? Maybe take a minute to double check everything is good temperature wise. If he’s not basking, that’s a bad sign. This post on temps and lighting will help you determine if everything is set up right. I suspect his cage could be too hot, so just double check to be sure!

      Hope this helps!

  29. Hi I can’t get my bg to eat fruit or veg he’s 2 now.. He says under his log all day and night on the cold side very rarely will he sit under his lighy iv being bathing him to keep he warm he just sits there doing nothing.. Is he OK

  30. Some bearded dragons are aggressive because the breeder that raised them didn’t take care of them properly. You can work on this behavior, but sadly she’s still gonna get aggressive at times.

  31. I got a two week old dirty from the pet store yesterday. On the way home it’s eyes was closed the whole time and when we set up it’s enclosure, and put him inside he still had his eyes closed. We tried feeding him and he wouldn’t eat. I haven’t seen him eat since I got him and his eyes are always closed. Any suggestions or help please reply?

  32. Hey I got a 2 month old beardie from the store yesterday around 8 and then set up his cage and fed it 2 crickets when I got home. I woke up this morning and he still hasnt pooped, maybe im overreacting but I really dont want my beardie to have impaction. Can anybody give me any tips?

    • Well first did you give him The crickets in his cage because if you did when your bearded dragon is sleeping the crickets could eat off of your beardy, so you should put him in still something like a big box and let him eat from that. But big enough that the crickets can’t jump out. And don’t Handel him for about 4-5 days so he gets used to the New environment. And maybe kill the crickets and then put them on the end of some tweezers and then sort of move the cricket like it’s alive so we can hunt it. I hope this will help you!

  33. Hi!
    I Play music all the time around my bearded dragon and he dosent seem to mind at all! If anything he might actually enjoy it. Also, did you mean warm baths? If so yes! It’s a great way to hydrate them because they do absorb liqued through their skin, just rember that THEY DON’T NEED SOAP! Just make sure that the temputure of the water isn’t to hot or to cold, about what temputure their terrarium is.

  34. i was wondering if my beardie is ok because when i feed fer this morning she was acting normal running around and eating then she just stopped and she legs went limp and she drubbed her butt on the ground and her legs didnt stop shaking and i didnt think much of it until when i fed her a little bit ago and her front legs went limp and went torwds her back and did the wiggle again but it wasnt the same as she does when shes about to sleep. oh she is also shedding so i didnt know if it was from that. i was just wondering whats going on and if you knew

  35. I rescued my 7 year old male bearded dragon a few months ago …. he has recently been going into his cave for days , then will come out for a day then go back in to his cave again for days …. should I been concerned or is this a normal behavior for them ??? When he comes out he goes onto his basking area for a lil while … his appetite has went down too . I’ve been letting him out of his cage when he comes out and give him a nice warm bath and he has been pooping when he comes out .

  36. My beardie laid 27 eggs on September 9th it appears she is pregnant again and much bigger this time and only mated once I’m concerned because it’s been 72 days since she last laid how much longer should it take also she was eating way more than usual for a while and now day 2 she won’t touch anything she just scratches her lay box has not starting digging like last time . I give here a bath or two and spray her down through out the days it looks like she’s about to explode I’m just worried time frame wise . I was feeding calcium crickets and many Dubai roaches I could not believe how much she was eating and now 2 days nothing .

  37. Hey I have a female beardie, about 1.5 years old or so. She never eats her greens at all even if I tong feed her or try to sneak it with live food. She’s been acting weird lately, constantly laying down and doesn’t even try to go after the live crickets in her cage. I also have a mealworm farm for her but those are for treats as well as superworms. Any ideas on why she’s acting like this??

  38. My beardie sometimes puffs up and her spikes are all sticking out and become very sharp.. this is when I want to take her out and she appears to be sleeping and isn’t anxious to wake up. I know how to pick her up and I’m very gentle and speak softly when I try to wake her up. Is this a defense mechanism to tell me she doesn’t want to be bothered ?? I’ve never felt her so spiky and sharp.. What does anybody think of that ?
    Please help!

  39. My 4 year old laid her first infertile clutch. However, I was told since she was 12 weeks that she was a male, so guess to my surprise when I saw her on her hammock surrounded by 11 eggs?! Here’s my question…it’s been 2 weeks since she had her eggs and she’s eating and no longer lethargic, but she’s still not behaving like herself. When she goes on her hammock, she can’t get relaxed like she used to and her tip of her tail to midway up gets darker. Her beard doesn’t blacken, just her tail. I feel as if she doesn’t feel safe in her home anymore. What can I do for her?

  40. Hi everyone, hope your all well during this crazy time. Hoping someone can help me out. We have a 3-4month old and the past 2 days she’s turned away from food, seems to be constantly hugging the polly wall under her heat light then will climb to the corner and seem to sleep. Her poop has been runny the past few days apart from just now in the bath it was more like little poop packets (one had bits of maro and another had kale) with the white bit. She’s just not herself, not jumping down for live food and sluggish. All live food is out of her tank, she’s in a 95x45x45 with a 100w basking and a 13w uvb150, she’s around 10inch away from light source. Any information would be great and much appreciated. Take care everyone and all the best for Xmas

    • I think that your beardie is going to shed her skin. They get kind of stressed around this time so try to leave it alone so she can sit by herself because they normally don’t like being picked up during this time

  41. It’s so amazing to have a site as such. My breaded dragon Rayella has experienced some of the norms you all have shared. She’s about 7mos now and she very tiny when I first got her. It took her a few months to not be so aggressive. My husband had named her Raymon. Lol Come to find out she’s a girl So her name is now Rayella. She loves laying with us. As well as sleeping and playing in my dreads. She has really grown over these past couple of months. She’s very sweet and gives me peace of mind. However, I really enjoy all your comments and stories.

  42. Hi everyone…we recently purchased an adult Beardie from a rescue..they told us that he was 4 maybe 5 yrs old…he’s about 22 inches long..anyhow..when i picked him up he was in a super small cage so i built him a huge cage…he has plenty of space now but the problem is he don’t want to be in there…he goes nuts trying to get out and then once we take him out he is fine..he likes to be held constantly or just hang out with us…put him back in his cage and he goes crazy until he wears himself out…the temps in his cage are perfect he just don’t want to be in there…we can’t hold him all the time and i’m afraid he is gonna hurt himself the way he acts when he wants out which is pretty much all the time until he’s ready for bed…anyone have any suggestions??? Thank you so so much in advance!!!

  43. Hi, I’m a new Beardie owner, I just got a baby bearded dragon 2 days ago and It’s 0-4 months old. He seems to be scratching at the glass a lot and not drinking enough water, I was wondering how I could improve this! He’s also closing his eyes and opening his mouth while he basks. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not. He’s also pooped twice, and I’m not sure If I’m feeding him too many crickets. I feed him about 3 crickets a day along with greens, but he goes to the greens when he wants to. I also need help with the temps!! HELP!


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