30+ Hilarious Turtle Memes That Will Take Your Stress Away

There’s nothing like turtle memes to strip away the stress of a busy life. We’ve chosen some of the best and brightest to brighten up your day.

Ninja Turtle Meme

More than one ninja turtle meme has been based on the TMNT series. Here are a few of our favorites:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turle In Traning

Pizza Has Destroyed My Life

Turtles have voracious appetites and can easily become obese. Knowing what to feed them and how often is essential.

The Face You Make

ninja turtle meme

Ninjas meme

I Like Turtles Meme

This kid from a 2007 news broadcast became viral when he responded to an unrelated question with the words, “I love turtles.”

I Like Turtles Kid

If you’ve ever wondered where the I love turtles meme comes from, check out the Zombie Kid Likes Turtles clip on Youtube.

Turtle Meme Face

Turtles have such expressive faces that they make wonderful memes. Here are a few examples of the best turtle meme face:

That sad moment when a turtle dances better than you meme

This pleases me meme

There are many different types of turtles, ranging from softshell turtles to flapshell turtles, as well as snapping turtles, and hard-shelled turtles.

The face you make when you win the jackpot meme

The what meme

Turtle is not angry, Turtle is disappointed in you meme

Turtles can be surprisingly aggressive, and males have been known to take on much larger animals – including humans – who enter their territory.

Funny Turtle Memes

We’ve found some of the funniest turtle memes on the internet for you to enjoy.

They told me I could be anything, so I became a tank meme

Many turtles are nearly impenetrable once their scutes (shell scales) have grown for a long enough. In many ways, they’re the tanks of the reptile world.

Try yoga, they said it will relax you, they said meme

Ah ah ah turtle meme

Let’s take a moment to fantasize about off-limits offbeat pets _ Offbeat Home & Life

funny turtle meme

There are three main types of chelonians: tortoises, turtles, and terrapins. This article explains the differences between them.

and I've had.. the time of my life meme

Turtles have an uncanny knack for ending up in strange locations and have even been recorded on third-floor balconies.

funny meme of turtle

I don't know what you're taking about, nothing here but us rocks meme

Just bought a slow cooker meme

Despite what most people think, turtles aren’t extremely slow. The leatherback sea turtle has been recorded to move at speeds of 35 kilometers per hour.

Quick, to the mothership! meme

Turtles produce prolific amounts of young. You can learn more about how they breed in our snapping turtle breeding guide.

Look Mom, No Hands meme

Cartoon Turtle Memes

Some of the best turtle memes are cartoons. We love these silly, but hilarious, memes.

Turtles funny meme

Maybe A Limbo Party wasn't our best idea meme

Once they topple over, turtles can’t get back on their legs. Many memes have originated in this strange quirk.

off the mark meme

Stop doing that meme

Facts about turtle meme

Turtles are some of the oldest reptiles, though some people think they’re amphibians.

arguing turtles meme

Did you know: There are multiple types of snapping turtles. Unfortunately, caring for them isn’t easy.

funny green turtle meme

During Winter, turtles go into hibernation and only wake up in the summer. You’re unlikely to see them chasing snowflakes.

world domination turtle meme

While turtles may seem like unlikely conquerors, their range extends to most of the world, excluding the polar regions.

first one home wins funny meme

Perhaps no cartoon turtle has led to more memes than Verne the turtle. Check out this Over the Hedge turtle meme.

Very funny meme

You vs the guys meme

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