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Best Substrate for Bearded Dragons

The Best (And Safest) Substrates for Bearded Dragons – A Must Read!

When you’re designing your dream home, your choices for flooring are virtually endless! From lush carpet, to hardwood floors, and beautiful tile… there is no shortage of options for great flooring.However,

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Best Basking Bulbs for Bearded Dragons

Top 3 Best Basking Bulbs for a Bearded Dragon According to Experts

Unlike cats, dogs, and other pets, bearded dragons need heat and light to help them not only regulate their day to night cycles, and also their digestion. Naturally, the best (and only!) way to give your

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Best Thermometers & Hygrometers for Bearded Dragons

6 Best Thermometers & Hygrometers for Bearded Dragons that Vets Love

When it comes to ensuring your little guy or gal’s habitat is as suitable to them as possible, you’re going to need to know the temperature.While fairly straight forward, things get a little bit more

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Safe Plants for Bearded Dragons

10 Best (and Safest) Plants For A Bearded Dragon Cage

Before discussing the best plants for bearded dragons, let’s first examine why it’s important to include plants in your little guy or girl’s habitat to begin with! Imagine living in a single

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Bearded Dragon Accessories

Top 12 Must Have Bearded Dragon Accessories All Owners Should Have

So, you’re obsessed with your bearded dragon… who isn’t?! Bearded dragons are seriously underrated pets that provide tons of love and amusement. And as any doting and caring owner would, you naturally

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