6 Best Thermometers & Hygrometers for Bearded Dragons that Vets Love

When it comes to ensuring your little guy or gal’s habitat is as suitable to them as possible, you’re going to need to know the temperature.

While fairly straight forward, things get a little bit more complicated because of the fact that you’ll need to know the temperature for a few separate areas of the enclosure, as well as at different times of the day.

You’ll need to be aware of the temperature of your bearded’ dragons basking area and their cool side of the enclosure. You’ll also need to be aware of the habitat’s temperature at night too.

With several things to stay on top of, it’s super important to not trust any old dinky thermometer and instead rely on one of the best thermometers for bearded dragons!

In a hurry or just plain curious? 

These specific thermometers and hygrometers are the most popular amongst Bearded Dragon owners and come in a variety of styles and price points!

Best Thermometer for Bearded Dragons: Raytek Non-Contact Gun

Hands down, one of the best thermometers for bearded dragons is going to be the Raytek Non-Contact Thermometer Gun.

Although a little pricey, this temperature gun makes checking the temperature of your dragon’s basking spot, cool side of the enclosure, and virtually anywhere else a total breeze!

Unlike cheaper thermometers, this Raytek has temperature readings that are 98% accurate ensuring you’ll never risk throwing the temps in your beardie’s habitat off.

Lastly, with this gun, you won’t have to wait around like you do with normal probe thermometers (some of which take up to 45 minutes!) to get a final temperature reading.

Raytek (RAYMT6) Mini Temp IR Thermometer

I highly recommend you purchase this temp gun from Raytek, simply because it has always worked for me and honestly saved me a lot of time while giving me major piece of mind.

However, if you can’t quite afford this, check out some of the other recommendations below for what thermometer you should use for your bearded dragon’s tank!

Other Great Options for Bearded Dragon Thermometers

Check out some of the following options for thermometers that can measure the temperature of your bearded dragon’s tank, without breaking the bank!

These thermometers are the less fancy kind, consisting of a probe with a digital readout. They won’t necessarily be as accurate as the gun above, but can do the job if you’re tight on cash.

Zoo Med Digital Thermometer


This thermometer has a 39 inch long probe that can actually go in water (perfect for checking bath temps!) and as such, can work great for multiple kinds of reptile enclosures.

Also, with a suction cup, you can easily suction the digital reader to the outside of a glass terrarium too for constant temperature readings!

Exo Terra Thermometer/Hygrometer Combination Reader

Exo Terra Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

If you want a device that will measure both the temperature and humidity in your bearded dragon’s enclosure, then look no further!

This single button operated combination reader, has a remote sensor that detects both temperature and humidity levels in your bearded dragon’s habitat. Also, this tool comes with a hook and fastener for easing hanging.

Where to Place the Thermometer in a Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Bearded Dragon Light Diagram

Unless you’ve purchased a temp gun, you’re going to need to move the probe on your thermometer around a bit to get all the accurate temperatures of your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

For instance, you’ll need to place the probe on their basking spot for that temperature, as well as on the cool side of the enclosure for that temperature as well.

Remember, the probe for most thermometers will need a solid 45 minutes or so to get an accurate reading so just leave it be.

Your bearded dragon will likely not pay it any attention and if they do?

Just take them out for the perfect playdate while you get their enclosure’s temperatures figured out.

If you’ve noticed that the enclosure’s temperature is too low, a high-quality reptile heating pad will sort that out in no time!

The Best Infrared Thermometer for Bearded dragons

Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer, 6 x 1.3 x 6 inches

The best-infrared reptile thermometer is without a doubt, the Zoo Med Repti Temp Digital Infrared Thermometer because it’s super easy to use, compact, extremely accurate, and can measure the temperature of virtually anything in your beardie’s tank… including him!

With stellar reviews on online, this infrared thermometer is definitely the way to go.

The Best Hygrometers for Measuring Humidity in a Bearded Dragon Enclosure

To keep your bearded dragon comfortable, you’re going to want to aim for a humidity level ideally around 40%, and certainly no lower than 30% nor higher than 50%.

This will help him feel at home in his enclosure and keep them from becoming sick.

SensorPush’s Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android - Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts. Developed and Supported in The USA

One of the most high-tech, compact, and reliable hygrometers is this one from wireless one from SensorPush, that can sit discreetly in your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

This hygrometer actually connects to your iPhone or Android and gives you updates on both the temperature and humidity levels in REAL-TIME! Pretty awesome if you ask me.

It also seamlessly tracks both measurements throughout the course of the day so you can stay on top of both humidity and temperature at all times.

And while this product is a little more on the expensive side, it’s a great investment for anyone super serious about ensuring their bearded dragon has a comfortable environment to call home.

Exo Terra Thermometer/Hygrometer Combination Reader

Exo Terra Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

If you can’t afford the hygrometer from SensorPush, fear not. The one mentioned above from Exo Terra is a great alternative for much less.

Just be aware, that this one is not wireless and will require some shifting of the probe as well as a waiting period to get both accurate temperature and humidity readings.

It’s less convenient than Sensorpush’s option, but cheaper.

Learn more about the hygrometer from Exo Terra HERE


A hygrometer is an essential component for a bearded dragon owner as maintaining proper humidity levels is vital to ensuring your bearded dragon stays not only comfortable, but healthy!

If you have a hygrometer that you swear by, leave it in the comment section below!

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