The Best Reptile Fogger Your Pet Will Love!

Reptile foggers have long been both the bane and salvation of hobbyists.

They help maintain an appropriate humidity level in your reptile enclosure but finding a worthwhile product can seem challenging.

Finding the suitable reptile fogger for your enclosures is much easier than you might think.

Join us as we look at some of the best reptile foggers and help you find the best system for your pets.

Curious or in a hurry? 
Buyer’s Tip: The REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger is a popular option among our readers because of it’s large tank capacity and exceptionally flexible settings. It is also easy to assemble and can handle multiple enclosures simultaneously.

In Short

  • Reptile foggers create fog by pushing water droplets into the air.
  • Reptile misters create a fine spray that mimics a rainforest-type environment.
  • The best reptile foggers have a large enough water tank, a no-spill valve, and adjustable fog output.

Reptile Fogger vs. Mister

The first question that you’re likely to face when you start looking for a reptile fogger is, “What’s the difference between a fogger, a mister, and a humidifier?”

A reptile fogger forces droplets into the air as water vapor, making it look as though the machine is creating fog, hence the name.

The fog is cool and serves to push up the tank humidity without raising the ambient temperature.

If your pet needs a humid environment but not droplets of water, reptile foggers are ideal.

You might consider a mister if you’re keeping something like dart frogs, which need both high humidity levels and plenty of water droplets.

As the name suggests, reptile misters create a fine mist, add humidity to your pet’s environment, and ensure a constant supply of fresh water for your pet.

A humidifier is a much larger system than either a mister or a reptile fogger.

If the product has a reptile humidifier label, the chances are that they’re using the term humidifier for a fogger or mister.

Depending on the design specs, a terrarium humidifier may function as either a reptile fogger, a mister, or both.

In the case of reptile fogger vs. mister, the only real difference is how the water gets distributed.

In most cases, a fine mist from a mister and a cool fog from a fogger are both efficient.

You’ll see a few great misters and humidifiers pop up later in this list.

Best Reptile Fogger

We could argue that many different elements make a reptile fogger the best (more about that in the next section), but “the best” isn’t the best for you by default.

Before you buy your reptile humidifier, mister, or fogger, you need to figure out what you need.

You’d be wise to consider:

  • The humidity level your pet requires
  • The size of the enclosure you’ll need
  • Whether your pet comes from a wet environment or a humid one
  • The layout of the reptile tank and how many nozzles you’ll need

Considering the size of the reptile enclosure will tell you how big a system you need to get.

The layout of the reptile tank will tell you how many obstructions there are and how many nozzles you need to give the entire habitat coverage.

Knowing the humidity level your pet needs will help you choose a reptile fogger that can reach that humidity range.

If you’ve looked into your pet’s native habitat, then you’ll know whether they come from a place where it’s humid because of the general climate or because it rains a lot.

Reptile foggers are ideal for animals that come from humid environments.

If you have a rainforest creature or one from a rainy environment, you may want to consider buying a mister or reptile humidifier.

Things to Look for When Buying Reptile Foggers

When you’re trying to find the best reptile fogger, there are a few things to bear in mind. We’ve listed some of the essential factors that will help you choose the best device.

No-Spill Valve

If you buy a reptile fogger with a bottle rather than a tank, the no-spill valve is a lovely attachment.

It allows you to remove the bottle without having water gushing all over the place.

Once you refill and replace the bottle, the no-spill valve reopens to let water into the fogging machine.

Adjustable Fog Output Control

Adjustable fog output is almost essential because it allows you to set the reptile fogger to produce a specific amount of fog and keep humidity levels in the desired range.

The adjustable output nozzles allow you to choose between a mild fog, the fogs of Mordor, or anywhere between.

Tank Size

Tank size is an essential factor combined with the size of your reptile enclosure. If you need to create a healthy environment in a large tank, a larger water tank is better.

If you only have a small reptile tank, then a one-liter bottle is an adequate water tank size.

Top Tip: Only use distilled water in your reptile humidifiers, foggers, and misters. Tap water contains chemicals that could harm your pet and may calcify the machine’s parts.

1. Vivosun Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier

The Vivosun Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier is an ideal choice for any medium to large tank or for keepers who like more control over their reptile fogger.

As far as reptile humidifiers go, this one has most of the functions a dedicated reptile owner would want. 

Vivosun Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier

It has an adjustable cool fog output with three settings. You can choose between 100 ml, 200 ml, or 300 ml per hour.

The water tank is large and can hold up to 2.5 liters of water. Dry run protection shuts off the water flow if the tank runs dry so that the machine won’t overheat or sustain damage.

The Vivosun Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier comes with a flexible adjustable hose that can stretch from 1.5 feet to five feet.

The hose comes with two suction cups so you can attach it to the tank wall.

This machine has a super silent pump, so you won’t feel like you’re living in an industrial zone, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

2. PETSPIONEER Reptile Humidifier

If you’re looking for a reptile fogger for a large tank with a matching water tank size, this machine is ideal.

PETSPIONEER Reptile Humidifier

The PETSPIONEER Reptile Humidifier has a four-liter tank that can keep the humidifier running for as long as 12 hours.

It has an automatic shut-off feature if the tank runs dry and you’re not around.

This device has an adjustable flow rate and fog output. You can connect it to a humidity controller, which will keep humidity levels right in the sweet spot.

The adjustable hose can go from 1.3 feet to 5.3 feet, which is around the same range as other comparable humidifiers.

It comes with suction cups so you can attach the hose to the glass.

3. MistKing Starter Misting System Version 4.0

The MistKing Starter Misting System is one of the best reptile misting systems on the market.

Reptile owners of everything from crested geckos to a ball python may invest in this product.

MistKing Starter Misting System Version 4.0

The nozzles come with multi-angle adjustment and a wide spraying range, making it easier to add humidity to a larger tank.

The 25 feet of the 1/4-inch flexible hose means that you can have your pet’s terrarium far from the central system.

Since the MistKing Starter Misting System can take up to 10 flexible spray nozzles and comes with so much tubing, you can use it to mist many enclosures (and many reptile owners do).

One convenient aspect is that this system doesn’t come with a reservoir. If you want, you can stick the pump in a 50-liter vat and keep that cool mist flowing for hours.

While the MistKing Starter Misting System makes a fine mist, it isn’t adjustable. On average, it will produce a droplet size of 50 microns.

The controls are electronic, so you can determine how often the system sprays and how much. The pump has dry run protection and won’t die from a lack of water.

4. Inkbird Reptile Humidifier

The Inkbird Reptile Humidifier is an excellent choice for a hobbyist that doesn’t have hundreds of tanks.

Inkbird Reptile Humidifier

It has a four-liter water reservoir and an adjustable fog output, so you can regulate exactly how much water vapor it produces.

This device pushes out 380 ml per hour at top output, so it can work for up to 10 hours without interruption. At lower outputs, the machine can last much longer on a single refill.

Thanks to the dry-run protection, you don’t have to worry that your Inkbird Reptile Humidifier will crash if the water runs out.

The output tube is extendable—It starts at 25.2 inches and reaches a length of 68.5 inches. With its helpful sucker cups, the tube allows you to position it exactly where you want it.

5. Pearlead USB Reptile Fogger Humidifier

The Pearlead USB Reptile Fogger Humidifier is an ideal choice for someone who wants hassle-free fogging in a small terrarium.

Pearlead USB Reptile Fogger Humidifier

This device runs on USB power and isn’t large. If you’re looking for something that will push top humidity on a large tank, look at a more extensive system.

It also doesn’t take liters and liters of water: its capacity is only 200ml (6 ounces).

Despite its small size, this humidifier can run for up to 6 hours. It has two misting settings: a six-hour cycle and a three-hour cycle.

The three-hour setting sprays non-stop and then deactivates after three hours. The six-hour setting sprays every five seconds and powers down after six hours.

Powering this humidifier via USB may be challenging, as it needs consistent electricity input rather than charging on USB.

If you have a small tank that needs fogging, consider the Pearlead USB Reptile Fogger Humidifier—It’s ideal for small purposes.

6. Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger

The Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger is one of the most common humidifiers around. The brand is building a good reputation, and it’s easy to see why. 

Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger

This model has a two-liter tank with dry-run protection that keeps it from blowing up when it runs out of water.

It has variable fog output and can pump out up to 300 ml per hour. The device can run for up to six hours at top setting and longer at a lower output.

The Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger has an extendable output tube that can reach lengths of between 1.5 and five feet.

You can look forward to a six-month guarantee, in case you suffer any problems.

7. Large Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger

The Large Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger has all the excellent qualities of the smaller model but with far more capacity.

Large Evergreen Reptile Humidifier-Fogger

This device can take four liters, and has a no-spill valve so that you can refill the water tank without hassles.

It has a variable fog output that can reach levels of up to 300 ml per hour.

At top capacity, the Large Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger can run for 13 hours and longer on low output.

As with most systems, this device has an extendable hose that can reach lengths of up to 5 feet (1.5 feet is the base size).

The Large Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger comes with a six-month warranty.

8. REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger

Repti Zoo is one of the well-loved brands among reptile owners.

From thermometers and hygrometers to terrarium decorations and feeding bowls, Repti Zoo does it all. 

REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger

The REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger is no exception to the usual Repti Zoo flair and has much to recommend it.

As the name suggests, this device has a massive water reservoir that can take up to ten liters. It can operate up to 20 nozzles (though you only get four).

The multi-angle nozzles can turn a full 360 degrees, allowing you to focus them where they’re needed most.

The spray is wide-angle, and the machine has a timed spray function. You can choose one of the following cycles (in hours):

  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 8
  • 12
  • 16
  • 20
  • 24

You can choose the amount of time that passes between sprays (in seconds):

  • 2
  • 4
  • 8
  • 12
  • 16
  • 20
  • 30
  • 60
  • 120

There’s also a knob for controlling the water volume, which doesn’t have numbered markings, so you’ll have to find the sweet spot by test.

The REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger comes with 196.8 inches (around 16 feet) of tubing, so you can set up one or two nozzles in a few enclosures.

The pump can run dry without sustaining damage, and thanks to the adjustable flow rate, you can choose exactly how wet you want your enclosures to be.

Finally, the REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger is easy to assemble, and you can fill it from above, so there’s no need to flip water canisters upside down.

9. Oiibo Reptile Humidifier

If you’d like to fog two tanks at once, you might want to consider the Oiibo Reptile Humidifier. This device comes with a splitter and two output tubes which allows you to fog two places.

Oiibo Reptile Humidifier

The stretchable tubes can reach lengths of up to 5.3 feet, so you can set up the humidifier between two enclosures and give both the humidity levels they need.

This device has a 2.2-liter tank and an adjustable flow rate, so you can keep it running for quite a while.

At the top fog output of 350 ml per hour, this machine can give you around 6.2 hours of run time on a single tank. If you use the 250 ml per hour option, it will last about 8.8 hours.

You don’t need to worry about the machine burning out if you’re not around to refill it either since it will deactivate when the water runs out.

When you need to refill the water tank, remove it from the base, turn it upside down, unscrew the cap, and then fill it.

Thanks to the capped water tank, you don’t need to concern yourself with careful handling or no-spill valves.

10. Coospider Reptile Fogger

The Coospider reptile fogger is gaining popularity and compares well to most humidifiers. It has a three-liter water reservoir, adjustable fog output, and dry run protection.

Coospider Reptile Fogger

It has a three-liter water reservoir, adjustable fog output, and dry run protection. 

You can stretch the adjustable hose to around five feet, and it comes with suction cups for easy installation.

This system runs two fog outlet pipes and has a unique alternative to the no-spill valve.

Instead of a valve, the water reservoir has a lid which you need to screw on before replacing it.

Pro Tip: Don’t allow the fog output hoses to make bends. If the outlet hose doesn’t run straight, the fog will condense inside the hose and turn to water.

11. Zoo Med Reptifogger Terrarium Humidifier

No best reptile fogger list would be complete without the Zoo Med Reptile Fogger.

With its adjustable fog output and plug-and-play setup, the Zoo Med Reptile Fogger is an essential accessory for the small-scale hobbyist. 

Zoo Med Reptifogger Terrarium Humidifier

This device may not be the best reptile fogger if you spend a lot of time away from home.

The water bottle only takes one liter, so you need to refill it often if you want a regular cool mist.

The Zoo Med Reptifogger doesn’t have an adjustable flow rate, but you can set how much fog you want to produce.

The flexible hose allows you to set the cool fog output exactly where you want it.

12. BETAZOOER Reptile Humidifiers Mister Fogger

The 2.5-liter reptile humidifier from Betazooer is an excellent way to add humidity to your reptile enclosures. 

BETAZOOER Reptile Humidifiers Mister Fogger

It has an adjustable fog output, flexible hoses and can produce a cool mist or fog for up to two days at a time, thanks to its large reservoir.

The stretchable tubes can stretch from 1.3 to 5.3 feet long.

Thanks to its ultra-silent pump, the cool mist this machine creates doesn’t come at the cost of your peaceful environment.

Reptile Fogger Comparison Chart

We’ve brought together all the essential information about the different reptile foggers, misters, and humidifiers so you can find what you need at a glance.

Reptile Guide Recommendation


VIVOSUN Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier

●     2.5-liter water tank

●     Dry run protection

●     Adjustable flow rate

●     Flexible hose (1.5-5 feet)

PETSPIONEER Reptile Humidifier

●     4-liter tank

●     Automatic shutoff when the tank is empty

●     Adjustable fog output

●     Flexible hose (1.3-5.3 feet)

MistKing Starter Misting System Version 4.0

●     Free-running system (pick your canister size)

●     Can run dry without pump damage

●     Digital timer with adjustable flow rate

●     25 feet of tubing

Inkbird Reptile Humidifier

●     4-liter tank

●     Dry-out protection

●     Adjustable fog output

●     Extendable tube (25.2-68.5 inches)

Pearlead USB Reptile Fogger Humidifier

●     200ml capacity

●     Deactivates when empty

●     Output not adjustable

●     No tubing

Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger

●     2-liter tank

●     Dry-run protection

●     Adjustable cool fog output

●     Extendable hose (1.5-5 feet)

Large Evergreen Reptile Humidifier/Fogger

●     4-liter tank

●     Dry-run protection

●     Adjustable cool fog output

●     Extendable hose (1.5-5 feet)

REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger

●     10-liter water reservoir

●     Can run dry without pump damage

●     Adjustable flow rate

●     196.8 inches of tubing

Oiibo Reptile Humidifier

●     2.2 liter tank

●     Automatic shutoff when empty

●     Adjustable flow rate

●     Stretchable tubes (1.3-5.3 feet)

Coospider Reptile Fogger

●     3-liter water canister

●     Dry-run protection

●     Adjustable fog output

●     Hose stretches up to 4.9 feet

Zoo Med Reptifogger Terrarium Humidifier

●     1-liter water bottle

●     Automatic shutoff when empty

●     No adjustable output

●     Adjustable hose (up to three feet)

BETAZOOER Reptile Humidifiers Mister Fogger

●     2.5-liter reservoir

●     Automatic shutoff when empty

●     Adjustable fog output

●     Stretchable tubes (1.3-5.3 feet)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about the best reptile foggers (with a few misters for good measure). Of course, there’s always more than one option, and you could consider building a DIY reptile fogger.

If you’re getting your first reptile pet, you might want to check out some of our general articles.

We have a fascinating article about substrate types that will help you get your pet reptile on a firm footing. Our reptile enclosure plans may come in useful if you’re the handy sort. 

Our thermometer and hygrometer guide will help you choose the proper monitoring tools, and the list of best misting systems can help you find a rainfall system for your rainforest pets.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment below. We love hearing from you.



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