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Bearded Dragon Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Bearded Dragon Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never owned a bearded dragon before, chances are you have plenty of questions about how to best care for them. I mean, it’s only natural that you would right?Considering that bearded dragons

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how to breed bearded dragons 4

How to Successfully Breed Bearded Dragons Step by Step (2019 Guide)

While many first-time breeders/owners assume just placing a female and male bearded dragon together is all it takes… in reality, learning how to breed bearded dragons is actually so much more technical

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How To Help a Shedding Bearded Dragon

Top 6 Safe & Effective Ways To Help a Shedding Bearded Dragon

Shedding is simply a part of life for bearded dragons and is something that you shouldn’t involve or concern yourself with… usually. In fact, it is advisable that if your dragon is shedding, no matter

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How to Bond With Your Bearded Dragon

Best Friends ‘til the End: How to Bond with Your Bearded Dragon

If you’re anything like most pet owners… then chances are you want your bearded dragon to like (read: absolutely adore) you. And while this desire is perfectly normal, it is probably healthy to remember

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how to sex your bearded dragon

How to Sex Your Bearded Dragon Instantly and Accurately!

Whether you’ve recently adopted a new bearded dragon or experienced the birth of a group of hatchlings, one thing is for sure, you’re probably at least a little curious about figuring out the gender(s)

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How to get a bearded dragon to eat

How to Get a Bearded Dragon to Eat: 4 Proven Strategies for Success

It isn’t uncommon for a bearded dragon to develop picky eating habits and essentially shun their fruits and veggies, especially if they’re young and you’ve recently transitioned them to a less protein

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How To Make A Bearded Dragon Gain Weight

2 Surefire Ways To Make a Bearded Dragon Gain Weight And Fatten Them Up

So, your little guy or girl is looking a little (hopefully not a lot…) on the thin side and you’d like to fatten them up? First and foremost, good for you! You see, unlike French fashion models, “skinny”

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Bearded Dragons Make Good Pets

8 Indisputable Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

With more and more people looking to own a bearded dragon, the answer to “do bearded dragons make good pets?” is naturally becoming more frequently sought out.While what defines a “good pet” lies

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How to Transport and Travel with a Bearded Dragon

7 Stress Free Tips for Transporting & Traveling With Your Bearded Dragon

As a reptile owner, it is inevitable that at some point you will have to transport your bearded dragon. Visits to the vet are to be expected and in some instances you may even need to travel longer distances.Whatever

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bearded dragon names

150+ BEST Bearded Dragon Names…You’re Guaranteed to Love At Least One!

Let’s be real, naming a pet is no easy feat! With a seemingly infinite amount of names available… how exactly do you go about choosing just one for your pet’s entire life?!Aside from the struggle

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