20 Best Toys & Activities For A Happy Bearded Dragon

Much like cats and dogs, bearded dragons can really benefit from not only having toys to play with but also regular activities to engage in.

If you fail to provide your bearded dragon with toys and activities, then you’re missing out on an awesome way to provide them with not only a great source of exercise, but also stimulation and fun that can really improve the quality of their life!

In terms of the best toys and activities you can offer your bearded dragon, my advice is this: Keep it simple and safe.

In a rush or just curious? Check the shopping list below for tons of ideas in a single glance!

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Why Stimulation for Bearded Dragons is Important

Bearded Dragon Playing with Ipad

Think of it this way, bearded dragons in the wild not only have a much larger territory to roam, but also countless more things to keep them occupied.

Whether chasing down bugs, observing other animals, or simply find a new rock to bask on, wild bearded dragons aren’t lacking for fun activities.

Any bearded dragon who is used to spending the majority of their day in a cage, isn’t going to need all the bells and whistles pulled out for them in order to have fun.

Simple toys like balls and even wand toys for cats can give your beardie plenty of enjoyment!

And when it comes to activities?

A quick walk around the yard or swim in a kiddie pool can provide ample stimulation, just make sure you’re always on hand to supervise!

Bearded Dragons Going for a Walk

Below you will find 10 awesome toy suggestions and 10 activity ideas that your bearded dragon will love! And if you have any toys or activities your bearded dragon loves, leave them in the comment section as I would love to give them a go!

Alright, with that being said, let’s dive right into the list!

10 Best Toys for Bearded Dragons

Providing your pet with a toy is perhaps the easiest solution to giving them some form of entertainment.

And for bearded dragons, these “toys” don’t necessarily have to be the fancy or expensive options you find whole aisles in pet stores devoted to showcasing.

In fact, bearded dragons have been found to often enjoy crinkled wrapping paper!

Read on to discover some awesome toy suggestions your dragon just might love playing with!

A Ball

Chuckit Ultra Ball Small (2 Pack)

Some dragons enjoy lunging at small balls and have been seen to even instigate the “attack”. A great source of exercise, letting your beardie have at it with a small, lightweight ball is the perfect option for a quick little workout.

I recommend sitting with your dragon in an open area, like the middle of the living room and gently rolling a ball like this next to them to see what they do.

Some beardies even chase after the balls as they roll away!

Cat Wand

Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

Your dragon may love being able to chase around a toy dangling off a cat wand, making this a great toy to try.

Bonus points: Cat wands are also super inexpensive!

Just one word of advice, try to avoid getting the kind with feathers as your dragon should not be ingesting these at all. Instead, go for one similar to this one here.

A Laser Pointer

PetRex 2 Pack Interactive Focused Teaser Training Toy Light for Cats and Dogs - AA Battery Operated - LED Flashlight

Some people have reported that their bearded dragon actually enjoys chasing around a laser pointer, probably because they mistake the laser for a bug.

However, there are also plenty of comments stating that bearded dragons can tired and become bored with this after realizing it’s not actually a bug.

My solution?

Simply let them chase it for just a couple minutes once or twice a week, this way it takes much longer before they “figure it out”.

Also, a nice cricket reward after would probably be much appreciated by your frustrated beardie considering he never actually catches the first “bug”.

Crinkled Wrapping Paper or Cat Toy

Mylar Crinkle Toys for Bearded Dragons

Some bearded dragon owners have reported that their dragons simply love the crinkly sound made by crumpled-up wrapping paper and those mylar crinkle ball cat toys!

I recommend setting a crinkle ball out, or just crumpling up some wrapping paper, and putting your beardie down next to it to see what they do.

If they seem disinterested, try gently placing them on top of it so they “get the idea” so to speak.

A Hammock

Zoo Med Mesh Reptile Hammock, 17.5-Inch

While not necessarily a “toy” per se, a hammock like this is a wonderful addition to any bearded dragon’s habitat as it gives them a place to lounge comfortably… and boy do they love lounging!

A Tunnel

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy - Interactive Tube Toys for Rabbits, Kittens, and Dogs - Black/Pink

If your bearded dragon is full-grown, why not buy them this cat tunnel to run in and out of during playtime?

A cat tunnel can easily just be left out for your beardie to explore, making it another easy option for you to provide your dragon with some fun.

A Floatie

Bearded dragons floating on toys

Let your dragon kick their feet up and relax on a pool floatie! These work great both in the bathtub or an actual pool!

Pimp Out Their Home with Excavator Clay

You can use this substrate to actually make custom tunnels and caves for your bearded dragon’s enclosure!

How cool, right?!

And the best part is, you can reform it over and over, meaning it’s not only friendly on the wallet but also allows you to mix up your dragon’s habitat every once in a while, for fresh enrichment!

A Hideout

Penn-Plax Shale Step Ledge and Cave Hide-Out Medium Aquarium Resin

You can use anything from a big blanket to a cat hideout like this one here.

Bearded dragons love to burrow down into things and if you give them something to do that in, they’ll be super grateful!

Simply set in the middle of the floor and let your beardie explore on their own!

A Bridge

Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Bridge, Driftwood Gray, Reptile Habitat Accessory

Another cool element, albeit not really a “toy”, that you can add to your dragon’s enclosure is a bridge.

Bridges give your dragon not only a new place to lounge and relax, but a fun way to get from one side of their enclosure to the other.

10 Best Activities for Bearded Dragons

Besides toys, it’s important to give your bearded dragon activities they can engage in that will provide them with enrichment.

Although dragons don’t need an exciting and varied routine every day, research has shown that reptiles who are given enrichment on a regular basis can not only be happier, but have improved cognitive plasticity (meaning they can think and reason about things easier than their less enriched peers).

Check out some of the ideas for activities your bearded dragon will love below!


Bearded Dragon Swimming

Now, keep in mind that your bearded dragon may or may not like this, just like some bearded dragons don’t particularly enjoy their baths.

Also, it is super important that you’re on the scene to monitor everything as your bearded dragon may tire or become distressed quickly if swimming just isn’t their thing.

As far as where you could place them, I personally think little plastic kiddie pools make wonderful options! Especially if you can place it in the sun on a warm day and maybe even put a block or rock from them to climb on and bask in.

Also, you could always just fill up your bathtub a couple of inches more than normal and see if they enjoy that. Regardless, try to avoid water that is too cold or too hot. Room temperature works nicely.

If you do decide to let them swim in a kiddie pool, maybe fill it up and let it sit in the sun for an hour or so first.

TV Time

bearded dragon watching tv

Believe it or not, many people have reported that their bearded dragons actually enjoy watching tv/movies! How funny, right?

Whether you take your bearded dragon out of their cage and let them watch something with you on a laptop, tv, or iPad or leave them in the cage and prop something up for them, chances are they’ll enjoy it!

Just make sure it isn’t too loud if they’re in their cage, as they won’t really be able to get away should it be a little stressful.

Going for Walks

WATFOON Adjustable Lizard Leash, Ultra Comfort Genuine Leather Harness with Cool Wings, Easy Adjustable Spring Buckle, 3 Size Suitable for Small,Medium and Large Reptiles (L, Blue)

What could be more fun for your bearded dragon than getting to actually get some sun and explore the outdoors?!

By attaching a leash and harness, you’ll be able to give your bearded dragon free roam over your yard, a park, a trail, or virtually anywhere else!

Let Them “Hunt”

If you have a large area where you don’t mind letting some bugs loose, let your bearded dragon harness their inner cold-blooded killer and actually catch their own food!

This works great on large open patios or even in really short grass.

Just make sure, if you do let some insects loose on the grass, that it doesn’t have any pesticides on it as you definitely don’t want your beardie ingesting that!

Give Them a Ball Pit

ball pit

Although I do NOT recommend this for baby beardies, full-grown adult bearded dragons will love having a shallow ball pit to rummage around and burrow into.

Just make sure your ball pit isn’t stuff to the brim with balls as you’ll want your bearded dragon to be able to easily resurface should they burrow down.

Bonus points: Ball pits like this one actually make phenomenal enclosures for “hunting” as discussed above, because they’re large enough your beardie can run around and grab his food without it getting away.

Snuggle Up

Tucked In Bearded Dragon

Many people have reported that their bearded dragons actually love snuggling up in warm fuzzy blankets!

Why not give your bearded dragon the same luxury?

I recommend lounging on the bed with your dragon while watching some tv and giving them a warm blanket to cuddle into.

Go for a Drive

Bearded dragon being held while driving

One of the really cool things about bearded dragons is that they love to just “hang out” with their humans.

This can involve them snuggling up to you while you browse the internet, read a book, or even go for a drive!

Your dragon will love the chance to rest snuggly on your shoulder and feel some fresh air and warm sunshine as you simply drive anywhere.

Let Them People Watch

Bearded Dragon Looking Out Window

If you live somewhere that has a lot of activity outside, why not let your bearded dragon check out all the action from the safety of a window?

Bearded dragons love to watch the world around them, so whether it’s people, traffic, other animals, they’ll surely enjoy a comfortable spot in front of the window taking it all in!

Just make sure, if your window is up high that you watch with them so they don’t accidentally fall and hurt themselves.

Give Them a “Puzzle”

One of the best things you can do for your bearded dragon is to stimulate them mentally.

However, this isn’t exactly the easiest feat considering specific puzzles for bearded dragons don’t really exist, at least, not that I’ve found anyways.

What you can do, however, is create your very own bearded dragon “puzzle”!

One of the best ways is taking a wiffle ball, taping over all the openings except one, and filling it with live food!

Your beardie will go crazy batting the ball around trying to get the insects to fall out. It’s pretty funny to watch too.

Provide a Friend

Bearded Dragon Laying on Stuffed Animal

Many people have reported that their reptiles, not just bearded dragons, enjoy having a stuffed animal friend to cozy up to in their habitat.

I recommend taking a small stuffed animal and placing it with your bearded dragon.

See how they respond to it and if they seem indifferent to it after a few days, by all means just remove it.

However, you just may find that they enjoy the extra comfort and snuggle time.


You can provide your bearded dragon with fun activities and toys that not only don’t break the bank, but don’t have to be super elaborate either!

Simply things like crinkly paper or a walk in the yard can really boost your dragon’s happiness.

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    • I tried giving my brothers beardie a stuffed animal and a ball but he seemed more interested in climbing on my back! I really recommend this activity and the hammock is a very good way to stimulate your clothing if your beardie likes to climb on you. I personally like to use a soft felt or a dish rag because they are the closest you can get to cloth (unless your willing to buy a self heating blanket but I’m poor so yeah)

  1. This article was very helpful. A couple of weeks back I found my beardie playing with a volleyball. she would crawl up on the side trying to get to the top. it would roll over on her and she would get back up and do it all over again. She seemed to really enjoy the ball until I was trying to get it on video LOL. My beardie also loves going on car rides especially sitting up on the dash. Other things that Have also been helpful are things for birds, kittens, guinea pigs, or other small animals bc the size works out. I am about to buy her a little tent or something that looks like a giraffe that is very soft, but for a guinea pig. Amazon has great things to consider under “small animals”.

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