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Best Bearded Dragon Tank Size

The Best Size Tank For A Happy Bearded Dragon (Baby – Adult)

When it comes to giving your bearded dragon ample room to hunt, play, and explore… you definitely don’t want to underestimate their tank size! Giving your beardie a habitat that is too small can

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How to Lower the Humidity in a Bearded Dragon Tank

How to Easily Lower the Humidity in a Bearded Dragon Tank

I hardly doubt I’m alone when I say, “I HATE the humidity!” Between causing me to sweat in places I’d prefer not to, frizzing out my hair, and making going outside feel like pure torture. It's

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How to Keep a Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling

How to Easily Keep a Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling

Why is it, that often times the smallest creatures can produce the most foul-smelling odors? Seriously! If it isn’t my bearded dragon’s cage stinking up my whole apartment it’s my cat’s litterbox

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Best Habitat for Bearded Dragons

How To Easily Create The Best Habitat For Your Bearded Dragon

So, you’re thinking about getting your very own bearded dragon OR perhaps you’ve recently brought home the newest addition to your family and are in major need of some guidance on giving them their

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best UVB bubls for bearded dragons

Top 3 UVB Bulbs for Bearded Dragons That Help Prevent MBD & Illnesses

Setting up the correct lighting in a bearded dragon tank can be quite the confusing predicament, especially when it comes to new owners!From a basking bulb, to understanding the difference between both

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best bearded dragon cages

Top 3 Best Bearded Dragon Cages that Your Beardie Will Love to Call Home

Whether your bearded dragon is itty-bitty or a total Goliath, one thing is for sure… they need the proper cage to ensure they’re not only happy but healthy too!  We’ve discussed everything from

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Bearded Dragon basking under lights

Expert Bearded Dragon Lighting Guide: Fail Proof Lighting Help for Beginners

So, you’ve got your new bearded dragon and you’re already in awe of just how cute and affectionate (hopefully) he or she is! You’ve set up their cage, given them their first round of crickets,

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