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Bearded dragon slurry recipes

6 Nutritious Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipes for Any Health Concern

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? From their refreshing taste to their ease of consumption, they’re certainly a favorite in many cultures. And as it turns out… they’re also totally

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Best Vitamins for Bearded Dragons

The Best Multi Vitamin Supplements for Bearded Dragons

Unlike their wild counterparts roaming the arid deserts of Australia, domestic bearded dragons can actually be rather deficient in crucial vitamins and minerals due to a typically unvaried diet. Also,

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How Long Can a Bearded Dragon Go Without Food

How Long Can a Bearded Dragon Go Without Food?

If you’re like most bearded dragon owners, then chances are you’ve witnessed your beardie show some pretty impressive (albeit alarming) self-control in resisting their food. Whether you’ve recently

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How Many Crickets to Feed a Bearded Dragon

Here’s How Many Crickets You Should Feed Your Bearded Dragon…

Chances are, whether you’re an experienced bearded dragon owner or looking to adopt a beardie for the first time, you’re at least somewhat comfortable with the notion of handling insects. You see,

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How Much Dusted Calcium Do Bearded Dragons Need

Here’s How Much Dusted Calcium Bearded Dragons Need at Any Age…

In order to keep bearded dragons healthy, a proper calcium to phosphorus ratio is crucial, and sometimes often overlooked by even the most loving of beardie owners! Bearded dragons typically receive

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Best place to buy live crickets online

The 3 Best Places to Buy Live Crickets Online: Here’s Who You Can Trust

Crickets are a great staple food for reptiles, but where is the best place to buy them? These kinds of feeder crickets can't simply be caught in the wild so you will have to purchase them from a local

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Best Live Food to Feed Bearded Dragons

9 Best Live Food to Feed Bearded Dragons to Promote Optimal Health

Live food plays a prevalent role throughout a bearded dragons life, but even especially so during their juvenile and adolescent years. Many bearded dragon owners will typically choose the kind of insects

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how often to feed a bearded dragon

How Often to Feed a Bearded Dragon at ANY Age

If you’re a first-time owner, feeding your adult or baby bearded dragon can be somewhat of a perplexing concern. From figuring out what veggies and insects to feed them, to how often feed a bearded

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Best Calcium Powder For Bearded Dragons

The 2 Best (And Worst!) Calcium Powders for Bearded Dragons

All loving and responsible bearded dragon owners will likely agree that calcium powder is a MUST HAVE staple in any beardie’s diet! Calcium is a necessary component of any bearded dragon’s diet

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