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How Much Dusted Calcium Do Bearded Dragons Need

Here’s How Much Dusted Calcium Bearded Dragons Need at Any Age…

In order to keep bearded dragons healthy, a proper calcium to phosphorus ratio is crucial, and sometimes often overlooked by even the most loving of beardie owners!Bearded dragons typically receive much

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How to Lower the Humidity in a Bearded Dragon Tank

How to Easily Lower the Humidity in a Bearded Dragon Tank

I hardly doubt I’m alone when I say, “I HATE the humidity!” Between causing me to sweat in places I’d prefer not to, frizzing out my hair, and making going outside feel like pure torture. It's

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Why Do Bearded Dragons Puff Up

Top 7 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Puff Up

Much like the hair that stands up on a cat’s tail or a dog baring its teeth… bearded dragons puff up their beards to typically show aggression towards someone or something.By making their beard black

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Bearded Dragon Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Bearded Dragon Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never owned a bearded dragon before, chances are you have plenty of questions about how to best care for them. I mean, it’s only natural that you would right?Considering that bearded dragons

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Yellow Fungus in Bearded Dragons

Yellow Fungus in Bearded Dragons: Here’s What You Need to do NOW 

Whether or not a cure exists for Yellow Fungus seems to be a hotly debated topic online. Some bearded dragon owners will tell you that there is no definitive cure for Yellow Fungus or Yellow Skin Disease,

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how to breed bearded dragons 4

How to Successfully Breed Bearded Dragons Step by Step (2019 Guide)

While many first-time breeders/owners assume just placing a female and male bearded dragon together is all it takes… in reality, learning how to breed bearded dragons is actually so much more technical

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How To Help a Shedding Bearded Dragon

Top 6 Safe & Effective Ways To Help a Shedding Bearded Dragon

Shedding is simply a part of life for bearded dragons and is something that you shouldn’t involve or concern yourself with… usually. In fact, it is advisable that if your dragon is shedding, no matter

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How to Keep a Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling

How to Easily Keep a Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling

Why is it, that often times the smallest creatures can produce the most foul-smelling odors? Seriously! If it isn’t my bearded dragon’s cage stinking up my whole apartment it’s my cat’s litterbox

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Best place to buy live crickets online

The 3 Best Places to Buy Live Crickets Online: Here’s Who You Can Trust

Crickets are a great staple food for reptiles, but where is the best place to buy them? These kinds of feeder crickets can't simply be caught in the wild so you will have to purchase them from a local

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Best Habitat for Bearded Dragons

How To Easily Create The Best Habitat For Your Bearded Dragon

So, you’re thinking about getting your very own bearded dragon OR perhaps you’ve recently brought home the newest addition to your family and are in major need of some guidance on giving them their

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